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Life before writing...

As I said, I was raised in Ohio, went to college at Miami University-Ohio!  Taught school for a brief time, had kids, then went back to school.  At Cal State U, Northridge, I received a degree in Environmental Health and Occupational Safety. 

Launching into a new career was exciting, even as I attempted to balance family, wife, house and job duties.  But learn I did, as did the family.  Gradually, I learned more about risk management as a oversight to safety.  The expansion of commercial insurance knowledge, with the strong safety background led me to new jobs in management.   Supervising claims, safety and clerical staff, educating employees and management on the need to protect assets, both human and physical, was exciting and demanding.   

In 2011 I retired from a county position in Michigan, sold the house, loaded the cat and a few belongings into Big Blue, and took off to discover the United States.

Most adults move multiple times.  For the second time, I sold/disposed of material things.  Going from a house to a smaller RV demands that you get rid of the dining room table, chairs and hutch!  Somehow, it wouldn't fit. Talk about cathartic!  

That leads to the next topic. Big Blue.  She deserves attention and perhaps credit for my current state of mind, my continued love of nature, and this big, beautiful world we live in.  

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