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Big Blue and me.

So what is a Big Blue?  Well, it was a snap purchase that I sometime give into.  But in retrospect, while it cost money, the purchase was one of the most exciting and rewarding things I've ever done.  With no experience in driving anything that big, I still bought the 32 ft. Class A RV, bought a little stick shift car to tow behind and took off on adventures.
The longest trip we took (we meaning me and my cat), was a perimeter trip through the United States.  I hadn't been in several states and that was my goal.  Now, I've stayed in 49 of 50 states and will cruise to Alaska soon, I hope.  But along the long highway in Blue, I saw glorious mountains, melting glaciers, wonderful prairies, glistening waters, and especially, met delightful people.  All my American History classes meant more.  In fact, I wished I'd listened and retained more of that information.  
Have you stood in a forest, smelled the damp soil, the glorious pines, seen the sunlight filter through the greens, yellows and reds of leaves? 
Have you looked up into the sky and felt insignificant?   
Have you stood in a cemetery surrounded by headstones with your last name and felt grateful and wished for a very large dinner to share with all these people with whom you share genes?   
And in the dark night, have you looked up and watch meteor showers, northern lights or the light of millions of stars? 
Well I have.  I recommend it.
After all the 70,000 miles Big Blue and I traveled, all I can say is that it is freeing and inspiring, overwhelming and awe-inspiring. 
If you have the chance, tonight, go outside and look up.  See this wide universe, what we inhabit, what we can save if we all try much harder.  
Perhaps these few words will inspire you to pressure legislators to preserve our world.  It is the only one we have.  Let's all work to make this a beginning and not the beginning of the end.  
Bless you all.  Live well.  Leave the world a better place.

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