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Who is Andrea?

Pieces of My Existence

Here are three links to learn more about me, my life, and my writing.

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Meet the author...

You remember Covid?  Well, I blame my authoring on the pandemic.  Isolated and hampered by the isolation, I invited my own civilization reverting to the Old West, and also other locations.  Sometimes, it just takes a kick in the pants, or some unusual occurrence to motivate!

Life before writing

Way back in the beginning, raised in Ohio, I fell in love with nature and this wide world of beauty.  Eventually, I was a safety and insurance manager, in a several locations, including California, Michigan and Colorado.  The contact with the people who make and do things was both entertaining and instructional.

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Me and Big Blue

What is Big Blue?  Well, she's my RV.  All 32 feet, then I'd add the car to tow.   We full timed for eight years.  The 'we' is me and my cat, Tuffy.   What fun we had!  What experiences!  The people and sights were wonderful and full of opportunities to learn.   Now Tuffy and I are planted in Nevada but more about my travels is included on other pages.

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